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Open Science and Research Software

July 19, 2022 RSE Season 3 Episode 12
Code for Thought
Open Science and Research Software
Show Notes

Open Science is a broad term. While in Paris in 2022 I had the pleasure of meeting Teresa Gomez-Diaz from the Université Gustave Eiffel for my very first face to face interview. In it we discuss what the term Open Science entails and how free/open software fit into it. 

For some years, Teresa Gomez-Diaz has been working with others to arrive at a common understanding of the term. Together with her collaborators they provided a definition that rests on three pillars: Open Access (publication), Free/Open Software, Open Data.

As for research software, Teresa stresses the importance of software licensing. And in the course we touch on different strategies how that can be accomplished with GNU GPL licence (strong copyleft) and other Free/Open Source Software licences. 

Here are some references for this episode, with papers by Teresa Gomez-Diaz and co-authors. The Twitter link below is with respect to the "mushroom" of Open Science we discuss  during the episode.

The Unesco recommendation on Open Science can be found on

A definition of 'copyleft'


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