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What the SMURF?

December 13, 2022 RSE
Code for Thought
What the SMURF?
Show Notes

As time moves quickly towards the end of 2022, let's talk about ageing. While in Paris in spring 2022 I had the pleasure to meet with Michael Rera, who is a biology researcher at one of the CNRS (the French national center for scientific research) institute right in the centre of Le Marais. 
Michael has been studying ageing in fruit flies (and other organisms) and has been using the SMURF assay in his studies. SMURF, as it turns flies blue as they near their end.
Michael is also very passionate about Open Science, and he is quoting Jon Tennant, who once said: 'Open Science is just Good Science'. 


Michael can be found on Mastodon at 

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