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ByteSized RSE: Continuous Integration

January 19, 2023 RSE
Code for Thought
ByteSized RSE: Continuous Integration
Show Notes

In this 4th episode of our ByteSized RSE mini series, we'll talk about Continuous Integration and Deployment. Both of each play an essential part in today's software development practices and can help you in your engineering tasks. There are a number of tools available for this to get you started, and they are listed below. In addition to that, check out Martin Fowler's block post as well as the code review pyramid links. 
After a brief introduction to the topic, I will be talking to Sarah Gibson from 2i2c. Sarah and I talked about JupyterHub in an episode last year. In this episode she talks about how important Continuous Integration and Deployment are in her daily work

Tools (not an exhaustive list - there is more):

Blogs and other links:

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