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[EN] Conference Report: JupyterCon 2023, Paris

June 13, 2023 RSE Season 5 Episode 18
Code for Thought
[EN] Conference Report: JupyterCon 2023, Paris
Show Notes

JupyterCon 2023, the conference on all things Jupyter was held in Paris between 10-12 May 2023, followed by 2 days of hands-on "sprints". 
Jupyter is a very popular open source platform with tools such as Jupyter notebook/lab and driven by a very active community. There were a number of excellent talks from a range of different subjects. I had the pleasure to meet and talk to a number of people, see the interview list below.

Order of Interviews: 

  • Leah Silen and Arliss Collins from Numfocus  02:04
  • Franklin Koch (MyST) from Curvenote 04:59
  • Nicolas Thiery (Paris-Saclay) 09:13
  • Sarah Gibson (2i2c) 13:19
  • Ana Ruvalcaba (Jupyter Executive Council) 18:57
  • Fernando Perez (Jupyter Executive Council) 23:48
  • Raniere de Silva (Gesis) 29:56


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