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July 06, 2021 RSE Season 1 Episode 12
Code for Thought
Research On The Go
Show Notes

This episode is about mobile apps in research software engineering. Not surprisingly, there is an increasing demand for mobile apps by researchers. In this SORSE event from February 2021 I am talking to Adrian Harwood, Patricia Barnby and Mark Turner how their teams at the University of Manchester and the University of Newcastle deal with this.

We also talk about a subject that will sound very familiar to engineers developing mobile apps: native iOS, Android development or cross platform solutions such as React Native or Xamarin.

- The RSE Team at Uni. Manchester, UK

-  The RSE Team at Uni. Newcastle, UK   

- SORSE events 2020/2021  

- Developing mobile apps with Xamarin  

- Developing mobile apps with ReactNative  

And of course native Android and iOS development:
- Android  
- iOS  

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