Code for Thought

The Joy of Graphs

October 05, 2021 RSE Season 2 Episode 2
Code for Thought
The Joy of Graphs
Show Notes

Graph Theory has been around for a long time. Its use in computing has found a number of applications, most prominently social networks. In this episode I will be talking with Ben Steer and Gabor Szarnyas about their experiences in working with graphs. In particular: how to assess the performance of graphs, their use in science and research, the state of graph query languages and more.

Here are a few links you might find useful:

-  Handbook of Graphs, a nice overview.
- The Future is Big Graphs! An overview of graph processing systems - for which Gabor is co-author
- LAGraph is a draft library plus a test harness for collecting algorithms that use the GraphBLAS
- Tiger Graph database
- Neo4j a popular graph DB
- Open Cypher - the open source graph query language
- Linked DB Benchmark Council
- GraphBLAS
- Gabor's post on graph query languages
- Raphtory, a temporal graph tool developed by Ben and others