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Make It Sing!

November 09, 2021 RSE Season 2 Episode 7
Code for Thought
Make It Sing!
Show Notes

This episode is all about music and the role software and technologies such as AI and machine learning play in creative processes. 
Meet Emily Howard, David De Roure and Chris Melen from the Centre for Practice & Research in Science and Music (PRiSM) at the Royal Northern College of Music. They talk about how they use AI in their creative processes. 
One of the key tools the team has developed and uses for experimenting and composing music is an open source tool called PRiSM SampleRNN - and you will be able to listen to some of the audio samples. 

Occasionally, you hear concerns about AI replacing humans - or in this case - composers and performers. But that's not the case as David, Emily and Chris reassure us. Rather, it is a new tool that can enhance and augment our creativity. 
And furthermore:

“If society is going to have AI so pervasively embedded then we really have to understand what it means to be a creative human being in the context of AI”


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