Code for Thought

Learning to Code at the Research Software Camp

November 12, 2021 RSE Season 2 Episode 9
Code for Thought
Learning to Code at the Research Software Camp
Show Notes

Four researchers, from various career stages and research areas, took their first steps into coding in R and Python throughout September and October 2021, as part of the Learning to Code mentorship programme. The programme was an initiative brought by the Software Sustainability Institute's (SSI) Research Software Camp: Beyond the Spreadsheet.

In this episode, we (Selina Aragon, SSI Communications Lead, and Jacalyn Laird, SSI Communications Officer) spoke to the four researchers who volunteered to take part in the mentorship programme. Emma, Amirah, Yenn and Rebecca talk us through their experience over the last two months, what they learnt, and how having a mentor impacted on their journey. Listen as they share their reasons to join the programme and the tips they have for other beginner coders.

As part of the Research Software Camp, we've signposted to resources for people learning to code. It's likely that we'll be running this mentorship programme again, so if you're interested, sign up to receive updates.

About Research Software Camps

The Software Sustainability Institute runs free online Research Software Camps twice a year over the course of two weeks. Each Camp focusses on introducing and exploring a topic around research software, thus starting discussions among various research communities. 

Our latest Research Software Camp: Beyond the Spreadsheet took place from 1 to 12 November 2021. 

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