Code for Thought

[EN] Next Stop - RSE Con 2023 in Swansea

July 04, 2023 RSE Season 5 Episode 20
Code for Thought
[EN] Next Stop - RSE Con 2023 in Swansea
Show Notes

With Sam Mangham and Ed Bennett from the Uk RSE Conference organising committee.
In this episode I want to take a look behind the scenes and find out what it takes to organise and run a conference. And how we participants can contribute to the success of this UK RSE Conference and future events!

The conference takes place on the campus of Swansea University, UK and runs from 5-7 September. There are satellite events on Monday 4 Sep and Friday 8 Sep.

The main link for the conference is below. 

Note: the committee negotiated accommodation with Swansea Uni. The deadline for getting a room there is end of July 2023. Details can be found here 

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