Code for Thought

Keeping It Together

December 07, 2021 RSE Season 2 Episode 11
Code for Thought
Keeping It Together
Show Notes

Mental health in the workplace is often ignored or sidelined. Not to mention that it is difficult to talk about it in the first place.
And yet, pressures in our work environment has been rising, not least because of the pandemic. How  we can look out for ourselves and others is a question I'll be discussing with Graham McCartney and Dave Horsfall. Dave and Graham are leading the UK charity Jonathan's Voice, which was born under tragic circumstances. 

As Graham says in the podcast: if you have difficulties in coping, don't struggle alone. Reach out! 
Your employer may provide services such as mental health aiders or services provided by your HR department.
In addition to that most if not all countries provide helplines and advice on mental health. In the UK e.g. there are the 

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